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Advanced Gun Dog

Directional Casting Training

Our Advanced Gun Dog Program is for any dog that has been through our basic gun dog program and you want them to learn directional casting/blind retrieves/hand singles.

  In the advanced gun dog training program your dog learns more than just taking hand casts. They learn the concepts of running a blind. Your working retriever will also learn more advanced marking concepts.  

Stage 1- Learning the Different Casts and Sit Whistle.
We start off teaching a dog to run to a back pile, then we start to teach a dog what each individual cast means. They have to know the difference between right over, left over, right back, left back. While learning the different casts, we are teaching them to sit when we blow a whistle. When they understand the sit whistle and each cast, we teach them to sit on a dead run and take the correct cast.


Stage 2-Limited Pattern Blinds and Teaching Cold Blinds.
Once we feel they understand all our concepts in the yard, we start to teach a dog pattern blinds. We don't stay here very long, however, it's important to build confidence when you start to run blinds in the field. Cold blinds are blinds a dog have never seen. We teach them how to run blinds with different types of terrains, etc.

Stage 3-Water Blinds.
The 3rd stage is to teach a dog water blinds. We teach them to "sit" or turn and tread water when they hear a whistle. Like before, we teach them the how to take the different hand casts while in the water. Once we feel they understand the water T, we start to teach them water blinds.


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