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Obedience Training*

Dogs are man's best friend, but a dog with manors is everyone best friend.

We hear this over and over again.  Because they jump on everyone and/or  pull everyone down when they are walked, it's hard to let them be around when people come over or bring them to activities. .  Don't let this happen to you and your dog.  Our obedience program is the foundation of a life long family dog. 

Our dog obedience program instills the 4 basic commands:  Here (come and heal), Sit, Down, and Stay.

While they are here we also teach them to not jump on people and other non verbal commands.

We train your dog, but we also want to work with you so you know the commands as well. 

We do encourage clients to come out to work with their dog.  This is very important in their obedience training.



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Meet RutRoh

RutRoh is an English Sheep Dog, born Deaf.  He is a wonderful dog and family companion, however, being deaf and living in Dallas, his safety was one of the reason he was brought to us for training.   His owners didn't want to have restrict him to be on a leash all the time.  They wanted him to be able to run and play and have a way to communicate with him when he was not in view of them.

We used an E-Collar with VIBRATION and taught him that the basic commands.  He does everything a obedience dog can do, but our voice is the vibration on the E-Collar.

Because of our obedience training, RutRoh can now run and play and be a dog.  They will always worry about him (like any owner of a dog does), but now they can take him on walks and have ways to communicate and make corrections. 


RutRoh is just one of MANY dogs we have helped become even better family companions over the years.

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At Cross Creek Kennel we understand that not all dogs are the same and not all breeds are the same. Each learn differently and we understand that each dog learns at a different pace. The obedience program normally takes 9 to 10 weeks.  

We require your dog to be up-to-date on their vaccinations. 

Rabies, DHP-CPV (or equivalent ), Bordetella (KC)

Please bring Heartworm Medication & any flea medication.


If you have any questions about any of our training program, please contact us.


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